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Kenya has been historically haunted by inter-tribal or ethnic conflict, which periodically bubbled into open conflict. In the early to mid- 1990s, ethnic clashes involving the Luo, Kipsigis, Nandi, Gusii, Luhya and Maasai ethnic groups flared in Bungoma-Trans Nzoia, Mt. Elgon districts, West Pokot, and Nakuru, especially sections of Njoro, Elburgon, Molo and Olenguruone. Since then, conflict has been laying just beneath the surface, sometimes playing out along political lines. Read more.

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  • My Big Hope for Kenya

    The Kenyan American National Foundation (KANF) Social Innovation Fund is pleased to announce the launch of the My Big Hope for Kenya American initiative. As we move forward into the future, we strive to be true to our mission: invest in new approaches to solve social challenges in our neighborhoods and communities. We want to invest in aligning business, non-profits, volunteers, students, and community leaders for local community-based action. Click here to Continue to Read

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  • Hunger in Africa

    Despite recent rains, the Horn of Africa is withered by drought – and more than 12 million people there are perilously hungry. People in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are desperate for food and water.
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    We want to acknowledge efforts made by his Excellency president Mwai kibaki and rt hon pm Raila odinga in fostering peace among Kenyans after the 2007 elections.
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